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3M Impact Global Tackles Sustainable Projects in Peru

3M Impact Global

3M Impact Global Tackles Sustainability Projects

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, 3M Impact Global took a two-year hiatus. A skills-based volunteer service initiative called 3M Impact Global helps 3Mers who desire to use their expertise to change the world. 
Teams of 3M participants go abroad for two weeks to work with host community organizations that are concerned with issues that are important to 3M and are consistent with our sustainability approach. 
In Lima, Peru, one such project was carried out in August. Eight volunteers were chosen and divided into three cohorts to work on projects that would: 
Reusing used items will extend their useful lives, and you should make it possible for families who are struggling financially to shop. 
Eliminate the usage of silos and offer low-income families in metropolitan areas a secure substitute in the form of container sanitation services.

3M Impact Global

Work toward creating a waste-free world where everyone is included and nothing is wasted. 
Each host community group thought the initiatives were very effective and that the 3M teams’ suggestions gave them a way to continue serving the areas they do. 
As the manager of Global Employee Empowerment for 3M gives, Stacey Claessens commented, “Working with my 3M colleagues in Lima was such an honour. It was truly inspirational to see them use their special skill sets to affect such significant change. 
The volunteers had the chance to share their results with Chairman and CEO Mike Roman as they completed their project, and they also got a special thank-you from him for their dedication to the initiative.