Corporate Governance

AllianceBernstein Hosts Our Fifth Annual Global Day of Understanding


In partnership with our commitment to CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, AllianceBernstein sponsored our fifth annual Global Day of Understanding, with over 700 AB employees participating in live events throughout each region. The topics covered this year range from Gender Identity and Social Mobility to Diversity from an Asian Perspective. At AB, we are dedicated to encouraging thoughtful debates from a variety of perspectives.

AllianceBernstein (AB) is a renowned worldwide investment management organization that provides institutional investors, individuals, and private wealth customers in major global markets with high-quality research and diverse investment services. Corporate responsibility, responsible investing, and stewardship are all interconnected in our opinion. To be good stewards of our clients’ assets, we seek to invest responsibly, examining, participating in, and incorporating material problems such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and climate change considerations into the majority of our actively managed strategies. We also feel that as a responsible company, we can be more responsible investors. Our purpose, mission, and values guide our stewardship practices, investment strategy, and decision-making.

Our mission—to explore knowledge that unlocks opportunity—motivates our company to perform responsibly. While opportunity implies something different to each of our stakeholders, it always involves taking into account each stakeholder’s distinct aspirations that go beyond the need for financial gains. The mission of AB is to assist our clients in defining and achieving their investment objectives, specifically outlining what we do every day to unlock opportunity for our clients. In 2011, we signed on to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This formalized our commitment to find responsible methods to open doors for our customers by incorporating ESG into the majority of our actively managed equity and fixed-income client accounts, funds, and strategies.


Because we are an active manager, our distinct insights fuel our ability to generate alpha and provide creative investment solutions. ESG and climate problems are critical components in developing insights and providing potential risks and opportunities that may affect the performance of the companies and issuers in which we invest and the portfolios that we design.

Our values serve as a foundation for the behaviors and actions that carry out our purpose and mission. Our actions are guided by our values. Each value derives from the firm’s collective personality while also being aspirational. Every value pushes us to be a more responsible version of AB.

Invest in One Another implies that we have a strong company culture in which diversity is valued and mentorship is essential to our success. When we invest in one another, we empower our staff to fulfill their full potential, allowing them to assist our clients in reaching theirs. This allows us to collaborate with customers to plan and achieve better investment outcomes.

Strive for Distinctive Knowledge entails identifying creative solutions to customers’ economic, ESG, and climate-related investment concerns through our experience in a wide variety of investment disciplines, tight collaboration among our investment specialists, and innovative solutions.

Speak with Courage and Conviction guides our interactions with AB colleagues and issuers. We attempt to learn from various areas of our business in order to strengthen our own perspectives. In addition, by sharing ideas and best practices, we engage issuers for insight and action.

Act with Integrity—This is the foundation of our relationships and has special significance in our business. Unlike many other asset managers, we focus solely on asset management and research for our clients. We avoid activities that could be distracting or cause conflicts, such as investment banking, insurance writing, commercial banking, or proprietary trading for our own account. We are free of controversy and entirely accountable.