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Liberia: AMI Group of Companies Supports Scholarships for Liberian students

AMI Group of Companies

AMI Group of Companies gives Scholarships to Liberian students

The AMI Group of Companies in Liberia donated US$200,000 to the Ministry of Education and the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) to support Liberian students through scholarships within Liberia. Additionally, the AMI Group of Companies in Liberia donated over 400 bags of rice worth US$10,000 to various prisons and health facilities in three counties.

With presence in 15 countries, including Liberia, and operating across 23 offices globally, the AMI Group of Companies, a holding company with the vision to be the largest and most profitable conglomerates in Africa, gives back to society as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the AMI Foundation.

Currently, the AMI Foundation generously awards grants and contributions with a focus on entrepreneurship as a tool for bringing about long-lasting social change.

The charity arm of the AMI Group of Companies, the AMI Foundation, did not advise the Ministry of Education or the NCHE on how to utilise the funds, but they hoped that the fund would directly assist students in their academic journey.

The AMI Group of Companies’ Managing Director, Trokon Lawrance Banwreh, made the donation in Monrovia and emphasized the organization’s dedication to assisting students in achieving their objectives.

AMI Group of Companies

One of the top service providers for students seeking an international degree, those interested in immigrating to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or Australia, as well as those interested in working abroad, making investments abroad, or travelling to their dream location is AMI Education, one of the Divisions of the AMI Group of Companies. Although we charge for our services, our main objective is to change lives and advance Africa,’ he added.

The National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) Liberia’s Director General, Professor Edward Lama Wonkenyor, accepted the donation on behalf of the two government organisations and expressed his gratitude by promising to use the money for its intended use.

The presidents of several government-owned colleges have been contacted, and he said, “We are going to cooperate with them to build up a scheme to encourage clever students to benefit.”

However, he pointed out that because the company is situated in South Africa, the Liberian government, through the NCHE, will also collaborate with the AMI Group of Companies on a programme that will enable Liberian students to attend institutions in South Africa.

The Sonniiwin Health Center, Clara Town Health Center, Cora Medical Clinic in New Kru, West Point Township Public School and Clinic, and John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital were also recipients of rice from the AMI Group of Companies through its philanthropic foundation.