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Anew Global Consulting Joins Inogen Alliance

Anew Global Consulting

Anew Global Consulting in China Joins Inogen Alliance

Anew Global Consulting, a new Associate company in China, has joined the Inogen Alliance family. This enables us to continue providing strong EHS and Sustainability support to our global clients with offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and California in China. We use a thorough due diligence approach to select new Associate companies to join the Alliance, ensuring congruence in values, services, and complementary coverage with our existing companies. 
Anew Global Consulting is a consulting and engineering firm specializing on environmental, health and safety (EHS), energy, carbon reduction, and sustainable development. Senior scientists, engineers, and consultants make up their team. They are dedicated to a high degree of integration of innovative technology and managerial approaches.

Anew Global Consulting

Anew is delighted to join the Inogen Alliance family. We’re looking forward to collaborating with such a diversified set of global consulting firms and contributing our skills and knowledge.” President of Anew Global Consulting, Lida Tan 
A few members of the Anew Consulting team were able to attend the Spring Associate Meeting to meet additional members of the Inogen Alliance family and give a presentation to the global team about their capabilities. 
Inogen Alliance is a global network of dozens of independent local businesses and over 5,000 experts who can help you succeed with your project. To deliver the greatest quality service to global enterprises, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, our Associates work closely together and share expertise and industry experience.