Angola rural communities benefit from Case IH’s tractor donation

Angola rural communities benefit from Case IH's tractor donation

Angola rural communities benefit from Case IH’s tractor donation

Angola rural communities – CNH Industrial – a brand of Case IH – has donated a new JX75T tractor to the Angolan rural communities of Canda and DalaDungue in an effort to help them increase their farming efficiency and sustainability.

Local Case IH dealer Multiauto Angola LDA also donated three implements in addition to the tractor donation. Multi auto will provide parts and scheduled maintenance for the next three years for the machinery. The implements were handed over to the communities at a recent ceremony in Malanje Province, Angola, attended by more than 50 people including Governor Norberto Fernandes dos Santos KwataKwanawa and farmers from both Canda and DalaDungue.

José Dias da Costa, General Manager of Multi auto, pointed out that the event centered on the development of these local communities and the possibility of something positive happening in their future.

Cassava is the main food source in the community, but with this new equipment, they will be able to grow other vegetables and fruits, which in turn will improve their health. The aim will be to increase food production so that the surplus can be sold in the market and generate additional revenue for the villages in the medium to long term. Approximately 200 hectares of land will be covered by the tractor and its implements in each village.

CNH Industrial donates tractors to Angola Rural Communities

Through the CNH Industrial Sustainability Program, which focuses on eliminating hunger, improving health and wellbeing, and improving the overall quality of life throughout local communities, Case IH tractor donations are part of promoting local economic and social development.

Angola, Cameroon, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe are some of the African countries where Case IH provides direct engagement and training with local agricultural communities.

Each of these initiatives aims to improve workforce skills and ensure sustainable crop production in rural areas, as well as improve food security. In line with the United Nations’ agenda, a key sustainability strategy goal for CNH Industrial is to improve food availability and security.

Featuring a 75 horsepower (55 kilowatts) rated engine power, the JX75T tractor is the largest of Case IH’s JXT range. Tractors like this are reliable, easy to use, fuel-efficient, and versatile enough to handle a variety of farm equipment, which makes them ideal for many small-scale farming operations.

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