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Applied Materials Employees Contribute to Fight Against Hunger!

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Applied Materials Employees in Fight Against Hunger

Again large donations were made by Applied workers in the US and Canada during the 2022 Fight Against Hunger campaign. This yearly custom connects what important to our workers and the community with who we are and what we stand for as a company, which is a meaningful (and enjoyable!) expression of Applied Purpose. Almost $3.3 million in employee gifts and a matching gift from the Applied Materials Foundation were given to 54 food banks across North America.

Our friends require assistance now more than ever because to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, inflation, and housing and employment uncertainties. In reality, 1 in 7 Americans depends on food banks to provide them with wholesome food.

“Thank you to all Applied staff, both seasoned pros and recent hires, who participated with me in the Battle Against Hunger this year. I have been a part of this amazing endeavour since I first started at Applied, and I am pleased to have taken the initiative this year “Tim Deane, group vice president of Applied Global Services and the executive champion of the campaign, made this statement. “It’s enjoyable for a worthwhile cause!”

Applied Materials

As they have done for years, employees contributed their inventiveness, vigour, and competitive spirit to the fundraising campaign. Popular activities included cooking competitions, bingo nights, cricket tournaments, exercise sessions, and of course the yearly Hoopla basketball shooting contest.

Employees in Taiwan packed food at the People’s Food Bank while those in Singapore prepared and delivered meals for the Willing Hearts charity as part of an effort to combat food insecurity in Vulnerable communities throughout the world. Employees in India, Greece, and Korea contributed money for regional organisations that fight hunger and provide food for the poor.

To increase staff awareness of hunger, workshops on food packing, a farm tour, and an online quiz were conducted in China. Food was gathered by Applied Japan and given to needy households. Earlier this year, Israeli colleagues took part in their annual Passover Fight Against Hunger programme by giving money and food kits to underprivileged families and Ukrainian refugees living in Israel.