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Aramark to Increase Plant-Based Menu Offerings on College Campuses


Aramark – Plant-Based Menu Offerings on College Campuses

According to a recent announcement from Aramark, the largest foodservice company in the United States, 44% of its residential dining menu options at more than 250 schools and universities will be plant-based by 2025.

Since over 15 years ago, Aramark and the Humane Society of the United States have worked together on plant-based programmes that benefit animals, people, and the environment. A fresh development in their long-standing collaboration is this latest announcement.

Aramark’s progress on its climate change promises, such as its declaration that it will significantly cut the greenhouse gas emissions connected to the food it serves in the U.S. by 25% by 2030, are demonstrated by this initiative.

According to Alan Horowitz, VP of Sustainability at Aramark, “Aligned with our current Responsible Sourcing Commitments, this New Target…represents Another Step on Our Journey Towards Net Zero Emissions.” As dietary tastes of consumers change, “increasing plant-based proteins while reducing animal proteins is a crucial component in helping us reduce food-related emissions.”


According to the Protein Sustainability Scorecard Report by the Humane Society of the United States, 26–30% of Aramark’s current menu options on college campuses are plant-based. Along with team member trainings in the kitchen, the HSUS’s on-demand culinary training videos will help schools meet or even surpass these objectives.

The HSUS food service innovation team works with food service operations to develop culinary support services through recipes, menu concepts, culinary training, and marketing assistance in order to expand the amount of plant-based offerings at their dining facilities.

Aramark’s commitment includes enhancing culinary staff training, expanding marketing initiatives, reporting annually on its progress toward the 44% objective, and collaborating with the HSUS to create and incorporate more plant-based entrées on menus.