Azercell sponsored the “I Baku CSR and Sustainable Development Conference”


Azercell sponsors I Baku CSR & Sustainable Development Conference

The Azercell-sponsored “I Baku Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Conference” brought together professionals and business leaders from a variety of fields to discuss the most recent developments and opportunities in the fields of environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The conference’s goals include creating a multidisciplinary platform for CSR and business ethics, as well as exchanging ideas and best practises in this field.

Nigar Shikhlinskaya, Stakeholder Relations Director at “Azercell Telecom” LLC, delivered a speech on “CSR activities in the telecom sector” at the event. She spoke about the company’s CSR policy, completed projects, the future of CSR in Azerbaijan and around the world, and its role in fostering a more sustainable society. In her presentation, N. Shikhlinskaya emphasised the importance of ICT-based innovative services and solutions for a secure and healthy society.

Children’s and Women’s Hotlines, a digital library and audiobook collection, support for the national team at the International Olympiad on Informatics, women’s involvement in the field of ICT, student scholarship and internship programmes, initiatives aimed at constructing an inclusive society with the participation of children and adolescents from vulnerable groups, and so on. Azercell spent 0.2 million US dollars on CSR projects that were completed in 2022, and 22.3 million US dollars over a 26-year period.


The conference covered topics such as small and medium-sized businesses, corporate promotion of sustainable development and social responsibility, the impact of CSR and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) on societal development, and the assessment of CSR and ESG activities. In addition, new approaches to effecting change and achieving positive outcomes were discussed.