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Bacardi Launches Cohort 2 of Shake Your Future in Bermuda


To meet the growing demand for qualified bartenders and hospitality workers in Bermuda, family-owned Bacardi is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the second edition of Shake Your Future, its free professional bartender training program for unemployed young adults. In collaboration with the Bermuda Government’s Department of Workforce Development, Bacardi invites prospective bartenders to apply for the program in order to receive the skills and training required to pursue a career as a professional mixologist.

Shake Your Future is a global Bacardi program that began in 2018 and has now grown to Italy, France, India, South Africa, and Spain, among other countries. The main goal is to train 10,000 young adults globally by 2030. The program debuted in Bermuda in February 2023 and had an enormous response of 134 candidates, from whom seven people were chosen to embark on a transformative ten-week journey. The entire program includes four weeks of intensive training at the European Bartending School in London, where students can earn their international bartender certification. Participants continue to hone their abilities upon their return to Bermuda, focusing on personal branding, marketing, and completing a critical four-week work placement in some of Bermuda’s finest pubs and restaurants.

“Bartenders are the backbone of our industry and we’re thrilled to renew our partnership with the Department of Workforce Development to provide meaningful learning opportunities and internationally recognized certifications through our Shake Your Future program,” said Doug Mello, Managing Director of Bacardi Limited. “All of our inaugural Bermuda class graduates are working full-time in the hospitality industry, and one of them, Kierra Lee, was recently named the first female and youngest winner of the Taste of Bermuda Bartending Competition.” These young people have been encouraged and enabled to succeed in their careers, and they serve as an inspiration to us all, reaffirming our commitment to creating job possibilities in Bermuda’s hospitality business.”


In today’s changing job environment, Bermuda’s hospitality industry has the task of renewing its talent pipeline across the board. The most recent statistics from the 2022 Labour Force Survey Report highlights Bermuda’s persistent unemployment problem, with a special focus on youth and the Black community. As locals actively seek methods to improve their skills and become more marketable, Bacardi and the Department of Workforce Development are taking proactive steps to create possibilities for individuals interested in a rewarding career in hospitality.

Shake Your Future is currently taking place in a number of places around the world, with an increasing number of bar and restaurant partners offering their support and providing the trainees with the necessary experience to improve their life. The Bermuda program’s application window is open from November 15th to December 15th.