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Nur Mohammed named ‘Best CSR Personality’ by Global Economics UK

Global Economics UK

Nur Mohammed awarded ‘Best CSR Personality’ by Global Economics UK

For his remarkable contributions to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and for guiding Jamuna Bank to be recognised as the “Best CSR Bank,” Al-Haj Nur Mohammed, chairman of Jamuna Bank and Jamuna Bank Foundation, has been named the “Best CSR Personality” by Global Economics UK.

According to a press release, this is a noteworthy accomplishment and a testament to Nur Mohammed’s commitment and efforts to use Jamuna Bank’s work to improve society.

At Jamuna Bank, Nur Mohammed has been instrumental in putting into action a number of CSR activities, including programmes for community development, healthcare, and education. Additionally, he has been crucial in encouraging ethical and sustainable business practises within the bank.

Global Economics UK

Under his direction, Jamuna Bank was able to significantly improve the lives of poor communities and to contribute to the long-term growth of the nation.

The honour bestowed by Global Economics UK is a reflection of Nur Mohammed’s vision and dedication to CSR. It also acknowledges the beneficial contribution that Jamuna Bank has been able to make through its CSR programmes.

The recognition is a source of pride for Jamuna Bank and the bank’s foundation, and it will keep the bank motivated to do more for the community and the country.