The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) Releases the Water Replenishment Insights Document


The Water Replenishment Insights document was created by the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) in response to the increased acceptance and deployment of corporate water replenishment projects.

Using BIER’s 10 years of experience and leadership in water replenishment, the document was created to share, in a clear and concise format, insights gained from developing corporate water replenishment initiatives that deliver business, environmental, and social value, in the hope that other companies pursuing water replenishment will benefit.

The Water Replenishment Insights Document is designed to be relevant to any company or facility, in any industry, in any location in the world, and is intended to accelerate internal conversations and decisions at the regional and facility level with regard to investments in corporate water replenishment initiatives.


The guide addresses 8 areas of insight, including:

  1. What is water replenishment?
  2. How does water replenishment relate to water stewardship?
  3. Insights related to What worked, Key Barriers, and Opportunities moving forward
  4. Helpful resources

“Water replenishment is a critical pillar of beverage companies’ water stewardship strategy, and the efforts of BIER members over the last decade provide critical insights into the practical challenges and opportunities they have encountered.” BIER’s Water Replenishment Insights compile this knowledge into a single document that we hope will assist the beverage industry as a whole and expedite the adoption and effect of replenishment activities across the sector and beyond.” Daniel Pierce, Executive Director of BIER

The Water Replenishment Insights Document’s intended use is for enterprises to be better positioned to form impactful collaborations and make substantial investments in water replenishment efforts that result in demonstrable outcomes at the catchment level.