Biogen Charts 2nd Year of Progress for Healthy Climate and Lives Initiative


Biogen Charts Progress for Healthy Climate

Healthy Climate, Healthy LivesTM is Biogen’s ground-breaking programme to end the use of fossil fuels in our operations and address the important challenges of climate change, health, and equity. 
We established a Scientific Advisory Council to direct our programme in year two. We also strengthened our plan to reduce scope 3 emissions and set a science-based goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2045. The three Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives pillars, all intended to promote a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable society, have made the following progress highlights.


Operations Free of Fossil Fuels

2040 GOALS

Biogen operations produce no emissions from fossil fuels. 
Renewable energy at full capacity 
All goods surpass and maintain 90% of green chemistry goals. 
Eliminate, reduce, or closed-loop recycle all plastics made as a result of fossil fuels. 
Our fleet produces no pollutants. 
By 2045, scope 3 emissions must be reduced by 90%.


Reduced direct emissions by 6% (2019 – 2021) 
Continuously producing all renewable electricity 
To become “My Green Labs” certified, 41 Biogen labs have enrolled. 
three biosimilars‘ lifespan analyses have been finished. 
expanded to 12 nations with our electric car initiative. 
Reduced scope 3 emissions by 7% (2019 – 2021).

With regard to cost, 18% of Biogen’s top 80% of suppliers have SBTi-approved targets.