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Black and Veatch to Lead Multi-Year Resilient Infrastructure Program

Black and Veatch

Black and Veatch to Lead Resilient Infrastructure Program

Miami-Dade County’s Island Village of Key Biscayne has chosen Black and Veatch to assist in the development of more resilient, sustainable infrastructure systems as increasing tropical storm events and rising sea levels brought on by significant environmental changes spur waterfront communities to harden their infrastructure assets. 
Black and Veatch will be in charge of leading a multi-functional, multi-year resilient infrastructure programme. The programme will consist of five levels of efforts: shoreline protection, stormwater systems upgrade, roadway improvements, utilities resilience and protection, and planning, zoning, and building modifications. Black & Veatch will provide the guiding strategy, project development and integration roadmap, programme management, and construction management services. 
“With its focus on designing and building infrastructure systems to embrace nature and respect its boundaries — and the goal of investing in and safeguarding Key Biscayne’s way of life for decades to come,” said Mike Orth, President of Governments & Environment at Black and Veatch, “the innovative solutions and capabilities we bring will deliver sustainable and resilient outcomes.” The Village of Key Biscayne’s long-term goals are well aligned with our broader vision of “Building a World of Difference,” thus we look forward to working together and partnering with a competent team to support them.

Black and Veatch

Black and Veatch has put together a tailored, professional local team, including Moffat & Nichol and 300 Engineering Group, as well as specialized subcontractors like Brizaga, Waggoner & Ball, and the Water Institute, to carry out this ambitious and forward-thinking infrastructure work. 
Together, these businesses will steer Key Biscayne’s resilience and hardening initiatives, utilizing cutting-edge approaches founded in the Envision® principles of the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure, which will support comprehensive resilience and sustainability. The project’s chosen collaborators have a track record of success working with municipalities on programme management strategy, planning, and project execution. They also have demonstrated experience with coastal storm risk management and the regulatory programmes of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. 
According to Steven Williamson, village manager of the Municipality of Key Biscayne, “We hired Black and Veatch to help us fulfil our vision of a more sustainable, resilient village because they share our enthusiasm for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.” The local components of the Black & Veatch team clearly represent our dedication to advancing our community .