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Bloomberg Launches New York Chapter of Women’s Buy-Side Network


Bloomberg announced the establishment of a New York Chapter of the Bloomberg Women’s Buy-Side Network (BWBN), an organization dedicated to elevating and progressing women in the asset management sector. Bloomberg’s Women’s Buy-Side Networks now include chapters in Brazil, Canada, California, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, and Singapore.

The chapter will be led by senior-level buy-side executives and will focus on diversity, education, and connectivity to bring together women and senior industry professionals for mentorship, sponsorship, and networking activities to assist elevate women up to management-level buy-side positions. BWBN New York launched with a networking event and a panel discussion about how women are transforming the economic landscape.

The BWBN chapters are led by women in top positions in the asset management business who will provide advice on the community’s opportunities to help women in the industry. Emily Chew, Executive Vice President and Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Calvert Research and Management (Morgan Stanley); Deborah Mirabal Polites, Chief Operating Officer of Global Research & Investment Strategy, Carlyle; Lindsay Rosner, CFA, Head of Multi-Sector Investing, Goldman Sachs Asset Management; and Emilia F. Wiener, Chief Investment Officer, General Account, TIAA are the founding members of the New York Chapter.


“BWBN is that special kind of group that results in more energy than comes from the sum of its parts,” Chew said. “I’m confident that our members’ enthusiasm and vision, as well as their support and encouragement of one another, will have a multiplier effect in the asset management industry in New York.” I’m honored to be a founding member and to work with other women and allies to increase diversity and inclusion in finance.”

“I am thrilled to be a founding member of the BWBN and help develop, elevate and promote female talent in the asset management space,” Polites stated. “Diverse perspectives are critical for firms to achieve strong performance in our constantly evolving industry, and our network is a critical component.”