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Carbios appoints 4 new Board members to strengthen international expertise in brand development


Carbios appoints new Board members to strengthen expertise in brand development

Carbios – A pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies for reinventing the life cycle of plastics and textiles, has announced the appointment of four new board members.

Prof. Karine AUCLAIR of McGill University, Sandrine CONSEILLER of Aigle, Amandine DE SOUZA of Galeries Lafayette Group’s LE BHV MARAIS, Eataly, and Home, DIY, and Leisure Purchasing, and Mateus SCHREINER GARCEZ LOPES of Raizen have all been appointed to Carbios’ Board of Directors. Three of the new members have extensive experience in high-growth markets and sectors around the world, including fashion, retail, and energy, as well as business development and senior executive management.

Prof. Karine AUCLAIR replaces Jacqueline LECOURTIER in the new structure, Sandrine CONSEILLER replaces Jean FALGOUX, Amandine DE SOUZA replaces Alain CHEVALLIER, and Mateus SCHREINER GARCEZ LOPES replaces Jean-Claude LUMARET.

“We wish to thank Jacqueline Lecourtier, Jean Falgoux, Alain Chevallier and Jean-Claude Lumaret for their strong contribution to Carbios over the years, helping the company to grow from the early R&D phase to pre-commercial stage. “As Carbios enters its industrial and commercial stages and prepares for internationalisation, bringing new expertise to the Board is critical to success,” said Philippe POULETTY, Chairman of Carbios’ Board of Directors. “Furthermore, three new female board members, Prof. Karine Auclair, Sandrine Conseiller, and Amandine De Souza, as well as Mateus Schreiner Garcez Lopes, all with stellar professional and personal credentials, have been elected.”


Prof. Karine AUCLAIR is a chemistry professor at McGill University and the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Antimicrobials and Green Enzymes. She has received numerous honours, including the Canadian Society of Chemistry’s Clara Benson Award, the McGill Tomlinson Professorship, the Leo Yaffe Teaching Award, and the McGill Fessenden Professorship, to name a few. She is a world-renowned bioorganic chemist who has made significant scientific contributions to antimicrobial resistance, biocatalysis, and enzymology.

Carbios has appointed four new Board members to strengthen its international expertise in brand development, business expansion, and scientific research.

Prof. Karine AUCLAIR, Sandrine CONSEILLER, Amandine DE SOUZA, and Mateus SCHREINER GARCEZ LOPES have been appointed to Carbios’ Board of Directors.

Carbios has met its CSR goal of 60% independent directors by 2024, and has increased its female representation.
Mateus SCHREINER GARCEZ LOPES, Sandrine CONSEILLER, Prof. Karine AUCLAIR, and Amandine DE SOUZA (clockwise from left).

“I feel privileged and humbled to join Carbios’ Board of Directors and participate in a transformative adventure that will impact both the fashion and beauty industries, as well as the world we will leave for our children,” says Sandrine CONSEILLER.