Case IH Connected Farm: Digital Ecosystem Brings Increased Productivity and Sustainability in the Field

Case IH

Case IH, a brand of CNH Industrial, presents the first findings gained at the Connected Farm in Gua Boa, Mato Grosso, Brazil, in collaboration with TIM, a renowned agricultural operator with the most mobile coverage in the country. The region received the 4G TIM in the Field project in 2021, which brought together all of the brand’s innovative solutions and transformed it into a Digital Agriculture laboratory.

A study conducted by Agricef and Unicamp for the Connected Farm shown how connectivity boosts productivity in the field, even in high yielding crop regions season after season. Several aspects were examined, which were divided into three categories: agricultural efficiency, economic viability, and sustainability.

“The data demonstrates how connectivity affects the harvest’s final outcome.” “With real-time monitoring, data becomes information and decision-making becomes faster and more efficient,” said Christian Gonzalez, Case IH’s Vice President for Latin America.

Case IH

Increased sustainability is another critical goal of the Connected Farm. In addition to enhanced crop yield, the farm lowered carbon emissions by 12.5 kg of CO2/t of soybeans due to fuel and fertilizer savings. This indicates a 10% reduction in pollutant emissions intensity.

Internet access connects all of these pieces of equipment, solutions, people, and outcomes at all phases of the manufacturing process. The advantages range from weather monitoring to team management.

These modifications have also resulted in new behaviors in the farm’s day-to-day operations. “Technology has only added to it.” “With connectivity, we gained process standardization and better professional training, which increased agricultural efficiency,” explains Felipe Zmijevski, the farm’s agronomic.

The Case IH Connected Farm is a long-term project that will bring together the most cutting-edge technologies for Brazilian farmers.