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On Nielsen Global Impact Day, Celebrating 10 Years of Volunteering

Nielsen Global Impact Day

Celebrating 10 Years of Nielsen Global Impact Day

To commemorate our 10th annual Nielsen Global Impact Day on June 9, 2022, approximately 3,000 Nielsen employees from 43 countries volunteered at more than 500 events and personal activities (NGID). During NGID 2022, Nielsen volunteers put in a total of roughly 13,800 volunteer hours, which is an increase of 4,000 hours from the previous year. 
NGID is our yearly day of service, during which staff members take time off from work to serve and give back to their communities. All Nielsen employees are encouraged to use their 24 hours of annual volunteer time to take part in NGID and other volunteer programmes throughout the year. The yearly call to action for Cares, one of Nielsen’s 14 Business Resource Groups (BRGs), which promotes social action through volunteerism, is this global campaign. 
For the first time since 2019, Nielsen volunteers were allowed to congregate in safety for several in-person volunteering events on Nielsen Global Impact Day around the globe. Numerous virtual and remote opportunities were also planned and signed up for by their peers thanks to the efforts of dozens of NGID planning leaders. 
Deepanjan Nag, Director for Audience Measurement and Cares Regional Leader for Asia & the Pacific at Nielsen, said, “To physically be present and contribute in whatever little way we could to our communities was a great feeling. “Volunteers participated in a variety of community services, including visiting old age homes and planting tree saplings, among other things, during this NGID, which witnessed significant participation across cities in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Nielsen Global Impact Day

In addition to many other things, Nielsen volunteers served meals, packaged and distributed food for communities in need all over the world, cleaned up beaches, parks, and playgrounds, delivered donations to organizations that aid evacuees from Ukraine, sorted clothing and toys, knitted baby clothes for a hospital, wrote letters to the elderly, and much more. 
My favourite Nielsen custom has been NGID ever since I started working there in 2015. As a “remote” employee, Christina Cervera, Nielsen‘s Training Manager and Cares Regional Leader for North America, said: “I am always incredibly thrilled to see in person, and in some cases, meet for the first time, some of my local team members. Giving back to our communities as a team has been enjoyable, interesting, and incredibly fulfilling. I’m happy to work. 
Andrea Bertels, Nielsen’s vice president of corporate citizenship, remarked, “The excitement and involvement on June 9 were outstanding.” “The dedication and participation of all the volunteers who made our tenth annual day of service a success can be seen in the fact that they donated 4,000 more hours than NGID did the previous year. I’m eager to help our leaders maintain their enthusiasm and commitment to civic involvement all year long. 
NGID continues to be a crucial illustration of how Nielsen is putting its growth culture into practise as it tries to fuel a better media future for everyone. In order to achieve our ESG targets, we have pledged to raise staff involvement in community activities to 30% by 2024 and to provide $30 million in free data, according to public reports.