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Chemours Details ESG Progress in 2021 CSR Commitment Report

Chemours Details ESG Progress

Chemours Details ESG Progress

Chemours Details ESG Progress – Recent updates on the company’s ESG goals were included in Chemours‘ fifth annual Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) Report. The study is released as Chemours begins a fascinating chapter built around the idea that, by uniting our efforts, we can use chemistry to improve the world. The report highlights the outstanding progress Chemours is making to fulfil its objectives while having a significant influence on the environment, demonstrating the company’s collaborative resolve and dedication to making chemistry as responsible as it is necessary. 
According to Chemours President and CEO Mark Newman, “The world expects firms to produce important products ethically. We share those expectations, which is why sustainability, and our commitments to it, are interwoven in everything we do. “I’m happy of our team’s development and how we keep proving that our cutting-edge technologies are essential to driving the next generation of sustainable businesses, from clean hydrogen energy to semiconductor chips to environmentally friendly thermal solutions and much more,” the author said. 
“Sustainability at Chemours is an ethos adopted by all of our 6,400 collective entrepreneurs. We completely embrace the bold innovation, collaboration, and action needed today to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the world,” said Sheryl Telford, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chemours.

Various report highlights from the business’s operations in 2021 include:

Reached a 40% global reduction since 2018 and made significant strides toward the company’s objective to reduce air and water process emissions of fluorinated organic compounds by 99% or more by 2030.

generated 47.2% of total 2021 revenue from products and services that directly support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Chemours Details ESG Progress

Completed supplier corporate responsibility assessment evaluations for 81% of suppliers by expenditure, with 15% of suppliers increasing their sustainability performance, achieving the company’s sustainable supply chain goal. 
joined the U.S. and strengthened Chemours‘ dedication to energy and pollution reductions. The Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge is a pledge to cut energy use by 17% and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over a ten-year period. 
Refocusing the organization’s gender parity objective, 50% of all director-level and above jobs will be filled by women by 2030 in order to achieve gender parity. Chemours hired women for 23% of all roles and 33% of director-level and above positions for 2021.

Exceeded the 20% target to fill 30% of open positions in the United States with people of varied ethnic backgrounds, which is a new, more challenging target.

The Remove2Reclaim research project, which is creating a more sustainable method for recovering titanium dioxide and polymers from end-use plastic to assist in cracking the code on efficient plastic recycling, made great progress in its first year.