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Christian Fischer of Georgia-Pacific Champions Sustainability


Christian Fischer of Georgia-Pacific masters Sustainability

Christian Fischer, the chair of AF&PA’s board, is among them. He has promoted sustainability his entire career as Georgia-Pacific’s chief executive officer, and he does it every day. He recently described how Georgia-larger Pacific’s Stewardship Framework, which includes environmental, social, and governance considerations, serves as a guide.

Over 30 years ago, Fischer started working for Georgia-Pacific. He was once the packaging and cellulose segment’s executive vice president. He was in charge of the company’s output there, which included corrugated boxes and diaper-related items.

According to Fischer, “We have been and still are a significant part of the communities in which we operate.” “Through our economic activity and the participation of our company and employees in civic activities, we generate good jobs and contribute to prosperity.”

Georgia-diversified Pacific’s staff guarantees that it delivers fresh viewpoints to a sector that is always evolving. According to Fischer, everyone may contribute to the advancement of stewardship.


Our variety, according to Fischer, “enables us to work together to identify opportunities, solve issues, and generate greater value for others.” We acknowledge the individuality of each person. “Building a workplace that values people from diverse backgrounds and experiences and encourages everyone to participate to the best of their abilities results in better ideas”.

This kind of stewardship leadership aids in the development of the paper and wood products sector. The industry has a track record of success in terms of sustainability for another reason as well.

In order to lead our industry toward continual improvement and transparency with all of our constituencies on what we can accomplish and how we successfully are progressing toward these improvements, Fischer noted that AF&PA’s Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 goals are crucial.

Georgia-Pacific uses a 1:1 philosophy, according to which at least one tree is grown for every one that is cut down, as an illustration of their sustainability approach. As a result, working forests will continue to exist.

Our strategy is guided by long-term thinking, creative transformation, and mutually beneficial results, according to Fischer. We prioritise societal advantages while selecting the best materials to reduce our impact on the environment.