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Cleaning Innovations Company to bring New Innovation at ISSA, Chicago 2022

Cleaning Innovations Company

Cleaning Innovations Company – New Innovation at ISSA

Cleaning Innovations Company – From October 10 to 13 in 2022, Chicago’s ISSA will host a new breakthrough from the cleaning technology business Tersano. Tersano introduces solutions to the market that prioritise safety, sustainability, and efficiency in the way we clean, from a wearable backpack sprayer to a dashboard interface that monitors product usage and sustainability targets.

What’s On – Cleaning Innovations Company

The ISSA exposition is annually held in North America and is organized by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). It makes the exhibition floor available for companies to showcase cutting-edge cleaning technology to customers, brands, and organizations. 
Known throughout the world as one of the top trade exhibitions in the cleaning sector, ISSA draws thousands of visitors each year and connects buyers with categorized products and services who are actively looking to improve their cleaning programmes and processes with the newest technologies. 
With plans to introduce SAO2GO, iClean® Dashboard, and iClean® Hands, three new solutions that will improve cleaning productivity, sustainability, and safety across all industries, Tersano makes progress this year. 
Sustainable cleaning methods are produced by Tersano, a privately held innovative business with headquarters in Canada. The goal of Tersano is to reinvent cleaning through the use of technology that maximizes productivity, safety, and sustainability. 
Steve Hengsperger, CEO of Tersano, is an engineer who noticed the detrimental effects that strong cleaning agents had on the environment, human health, and workplace productivity. In response to his discovery, he founded Tersano in 2001, a company that would go on to Change the Way the World Cleans. 
Tersano is credited with the scientific discovery of stabilized aqueous ozone, also known as SAO in the marketplace. The remedy is an all-in-one cleanser, sanitizer, and deodorizer that eliminates 99.999% of germs while containing no toxic substances, volatile organic compounds, or harsh chemicals.  

Science and technology

SAO’s capacity to break down into water and oxygen after usage is a key component of its sustainability. SAO keeps its certification as a sanitizer and cleanser for up to 24 hours and 6 days, respectively. The solution then spontaneously returns to being water and oxygen and returns to the environment without causing any harm, damage, or negative impacts. 
The SAO for Tersano is produced on-demand and on-site. The days of transporting, mixing, and batching toxic chemicals are over thanks to on-site generation. Instead, regular tap water is instantaneously turned into SAO by Tersano’s industrial and consumer products. Electricity, cold tap water, and Tersano’s proprietary SAO cartridges are the only components required.

The ability to endure over time

Regulatory agencies have thoroughly examined and certified SAO over the years, attesting to its efficiency, viability, and safety. World-renowned changemakers like Green Seal, EcoVadis, CSA Group, HACCP, LEED, TUV, Boma Best, Watermark, EUO3TA, and others have endorsed Tersano’s SAO solution. Additionally, SAO abides with the rules and specifications set forth by the EPA, FDA, NSF, and USDA NOP. 
There is no neat and tidy sector SAO best serves because cleaning is a necessary function for all facilities. Instead, companies from a variety of industries, including those in education, travel and transportation, healthcare, daycares, convention centres, and foodservice, among others, have embraced the solution worldwide.

Message for ISSA 2022: New

Tersano has participated in ISSA trade exhibitions for a very long period. This year, they’re breaking the mould by putting a new emphasis on cost-savings in their product positioning. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has the entire world on its heels, and the cleaning sector is bloated with new products and rivals. In Tersano’s favour, SAO’s differentiation from the competition is supported by a variety of factors, including improved safety and sustainability, a wide range of applications, and ease of use. 
In spite of this, Tersano is well known for its sustainable edge, and the company is now in its third decade of operation. The inherited cost savings from on-site generation, product consolidation, and, of course, not having to buy are an unsung hero to their solution. 
This ISSA, Tersano will emphasize the cost-savings advantages of SAO to provide brands with additional motivation to permanently abandon harsh chemicals. Attend ISSA and stop by Tersano’s booth #2248 for more information. You might even see a demonstration of why SAO is known as magic water! 
Dates: October 10–13, 2022 
Where: Chicago, Illinois’s McCormick Place Convention Center 
Find out more at www.issashow.com.