Fight against Climate Change by Transforming Waste into Value

Transforming Waste Into Value

Transforming Waste Into Value to combat climate change

Transforming Waste Into Value – The world’s temperatures are rising, and this summer, record-breaking heat waves were experienced in significant regions of North America, Europe, and South Asia. It is urgent to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius or less, which calls for bold measures and creative solutions. 
According to experts, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be cut in half before 2030 and net-zero emissions must be reached before 2050 in order to prevent the most severe effects of climate change. In response, more businesses are pledging to pursue carbon neutrality and are searching for cutting-edge technologies and solutions to assist in achieving their objectives. These include technologies like biogas upgrading and carbon capture and utilization (CCU), which are paving the path for a carbon-neutral future.

To assist its partners in achieving their environmental and GHG reduction objectives, Pentair offers carbon capture and biogas upgrading solutions in addition to its portfolio of industry-leading water treatment systems. Offering these solutions is crucial to Pentair’s ESG strategy, as well as to its customers and the environment. Pentair was founded on innovations that help customers lessen their impact and get more out of the resources they use.