Close the Gap and Arrow Electronics support Global Livingston Institute

Close the Gap

Close the Gap supports Global Livingston Institute with Arrow Electronics

Global Livingston Institute – A non-profit organization that focuses on improving health, the environment, and economic development opportunities in East Africa, Global Livingston Institute (GLI), Arrow Electronics donated laptops and cell phones to bridge the digital divide in the region.

Close the Gap, a social enterprise operating an electronics refurbishment shop in Nairobi, Kenya, donated the equipment in support of GLI’s community development programs in Uganda.

An agricultural co-op in the area – which has trained more than 500 farmers in best practices to increase yields and access markets – is also using the devices to track finances. In the city of Lira, in northern Uganda, the organization integrated the devices into a new centre that recycled 15 tons of plastic each month and provided opportunities for financial enrichment for community members. In this area of central Africa, businesses like these are part of a program to rebuild after the Lord’s Resistance Army kidnapped girls and soldiers in the region.

Close the Gap and Arrow Electronics donate Laptops

HIV testing, prevention, and treatment are being provided by the local health providers in Kabale, in western Uganda. Founder and CEO of GLI, Jamie Van Leeuwen, said, “Thank you to Arrow for keeping our communities connected through technology, from Kampala to Colorado. The company inspires a new generation of leaders around the world to listen, think, and act every day, even during a pandemic.”

The organization has offices in Denver, Colorado, and Kampala, Uganda. Its mission is to organize global communities for the purpose of learning and advancing best practices in community development. This is done by providing equitable, sustainable, and culturally sensitive solutions for challenges facing society in the areas of health, economic development, and the environment.

In 2020, Arrow hopes to generate $29 billion in sales. The company develops technology solutions that improve business and every day life. For more information, visit

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