CNH Industrial Named a “Green Master” for 9th Consecutive Year

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial recognized as Green Master

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has recognized CNH Industrial as a “Green Master” for the seventh year in a row (WSBC). Businesses and industries in Wisconsin that are dedicated to sustainable business practices are eligible for this points-based recognition scheme and assessment.

According to Jessy Servi Ortiz, managing director of WSBC, “The Green Masters Program is a tool for businesses to analyze and grow their sustainability programme, to benchmark against their industry, and to acquire a third party certification acknowledging their achievements in sustainability.” We take pride in the fact that Wisconsin is being led by businesses like CNH Industrial.

CNH Industrial

The nine sustainability pillars of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste management, transportation, supply chain, community outreach, workforce, and governance must all be answered in-depth by applicants’ firms. They must place among the top 20% of candidates to be granted “Green Master” designation.

The WSBC annual conference will honour CNH Industrial in November.

The business is dedicated to sustainable growth. This is demonstrated by our long-standing “Green Master” title.