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Comcast Corporation and Arc Partner To Expand Tech Training and Special Education Advocacy for People With Disabilities

Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation and Arc To Expand Tech Training

Comcast Corporation has announced that it is expanding its cooperation with The Arc of the United States to help persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families build digital and advocacy skills.

Comcast has provided The Arc with two additional grants totalling $710,000 as part of the expansion. The funds will help The Arc to open new Tech Coaching Centers in chapters around the country, as well as provide The Arc@School special education advocacy curriculum to Spanish-speaking families. These initiatives have already assisted over 3,500 persons with IDD in gaining more freedom, equity, and future prospects.

The Arc has received a $710,000 grant to develop its Tech Coaching Centers.

“Far too many people with IDD are left behind in our society,” stated Ruben Rodriguez, The Arc of the United States’ COO and Acting CEO. “A quality educational experience and understanding of technology are critical in creating opportunities for all.” These institutions continue to exacerbate the tremendous inequities that exist among persons with IDD, particularly among marginalized populations and low-income families. Our ongoing collaboration with Comcast makes opportunity a reality for all persons with IDD. It is chipping away at our society’s endemic injustices and assisting everyone, regardless of impairment, in building bright futures.”

Comcast Corporation

A $560,000 grant will assist The Arc’s Tech Coaching Centers in ten sites around the country. It will happen.

People with IDD face unique barriers to understanding and adopting digital tools, which are exacerbated by a higher rate of poverty and lower overall income. Comcast has funded The Arc’s Tech Coaching Center since 2014, reaching approximately 2,500 people with IDD through 19 chapters and providing them with devices, services, and training that improve quantifiable outcomes in employment, health, independent living, education, and interpersonal relationships.

“We know that digital skills training can open new doors to employment and help people living with disabilities gain independence,” remarked Dalila Wilson-Scott, EVP and Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation.


Comcast Corporation’s Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

A second award of $150,000 will be used to advance initiatives to assist underprivileged populations effectively advocate for their education. This donation will allow The Arc to fully translate the curriculum into Spanish in order to better address the requirements of this demographic and enhance access to the content.

Academic success and graduation rates for kids with disabilities remain substantially below those of their peers, owing to widespread discrimination, suspensions, and isolation in educational settings across the country. The Arc@School, an evidence-based, self-paced online training program designed to assist families, educators, and advocates in navigating the special education system, was launched in 2016. Comcast has collaborated with The Arc since 2021 to link marginalized communities to these educational advocacy services. Over 500 families of color and low-income households have received free access to The Arc@School, as well as a facilitation guide, a Spanish language overview of the special education process, and cultural competency resources and sections.

These awards were made possible by Project UP, Comcast’s $1 billion commitment to reaching tens of millions of people.