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One of the Best Companies for Multicultural Women in 2022 is Whirlpool Corp

Whirlpool Corp
Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corp is listed in Best Companies for Multicultural Women in 2022

According to Kim Kavala, senior director of inclusion & diversity and global learning, “Inclusion and Diversity is a core principle at Whirlpool Corp because we recognize that pulling from varied points of view improves our products, services, our people, and each other.” “We acknowledge that we are on an ongoing journey and are dedicated to setting ambitious goals and taking significant action to strengthen an already inclusive and diverse workplace and the communities in which we live and work. A culture of belonging is fostered by inclusion, and diversity improves us. 
The 2022 Seramount report concluded that there has been tremendous progress in terms of diversity over previous years, with 80 organizations on the list. Currently, there are 24 percent more multicultural women working than there were five years ago.

Whirlpool Corp

About 2 million people are employed by this year’s Best Companies for Multicultural Women at 37,000 workplaces spread throughout every state and 16 industries. This year’s poll continued to evaluate the advancement of women within particular racial/ethnic groups as well as the influences on that advancement, such as advancements in mental health and anti-racism as well as participation in mentoring and sponsorship programmes. 
More than 500 questions about representation, hiring, attrition, and promotion rates, recruitment, retention, and advancement initiatives, and business culture are included in the application for the Best Companies for Multicultural Women. The winners are chosen using Seramounts‘ scoring methodology, which is based on benchmark results from the previous year.