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Covia – Director of ESG Shares How Engagement Drives Results


Covia – ESG Director on How Engagement Drives Results

Covia is dedicated to becoming more than just a high-performance mineral and material solutions provider for the Industrial and Energy industries. We think that our Covia Values–Safety First, Be Different, Deliver on Promise, Act Responsibly–can help our Team Members, the environment, and our stakeholders.

Covia’s 18th straight year of corporate responsibility reporting will be marked with the publishing of this year’s report in June. We will offer updates on our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments for 2030. Natalie Eglinton, Covia’s Director of ESG, recently gave more insight on these projects, as well as how Covia intends to push these aims ahead in the future years:

Every year, we renew our commitment to building a more sustainable future. We went forward with the restructuring of our ESG strategy in 2022, which established our GOALS THAT INSPIRE: ESG 2030. Steering teams lead these ambitious goals, which are handled by Covia Team Members from across our reach. These teams are active all year, assisting in the advancement of real development. They are given the authority to make crucial choices and play an active part in delivering results that are consistent with our ESG vision and strategy. These Team Members are the ones that make everything possible!


I am grateful for the support, collaboration, and knowledge of our Covia Team Members, who enable us to achieve our goals.

Covia’s ESG activities position the company to be an even greater partner, committed to being a good neighbor for future generations.

Covia will publish our 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report in June. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn as we highlight the study results and offer useful information about our progress.