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Creative Artists Agency Announced US Offices to be Close for Election Day of Service

Creative Artists Agency
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Creative Artists Agency Announces U.S. Offices Will Close

Election Day on November 8, 2022, as well as subsequent Midterm and Presidential Election Days, will be paid Days of Service for all U.S. employees, according to the leading entertainment and sports firm Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA employees are encouraged to participate in nonpartisan civic activities before and on election day, such as text banking and assisting poll officials, to help boost record voter turnout.

According to CAA Co-Chairman Richard Lovett, “The right to vote has become increasingly and dangerously restricted in the United States, particularly in some states. We hope other corporate leaders, in entertainment and beyond, join us in exploring ways to make it as simple as possible for all employees to cast ballots and to encourage others to do the same.

Voting is the activity that each of us can do to guarantee that our nation is strong, dynamic, and inclusive and that it reflects our ideals and core values. Every business can help our communities as they head to the polls, according to Natalie Tran, executive director of the CAA Foundation and co-founder of the nonpartisan voter movement and voter mobilisation alliance Civic Alliance. I cast my vote.

Creative Artists Agency

The CAA Foundation frequently promotes democracy by utilizing its distinctive assets at the nexus of entertainment and social impact. The Civic Alliance was established in 2020 as a result of the Foundation’s collaboration with Democracy Works, a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic organization dedicated to assisting Americans in the voting process. Since then, the Civic Alliance has grown to become the nation’s largest nonpartisan business coalition.

Power the Polls, a nationwide initiative to find poll workers, was also founded with the support of the CAA Foundation and the Civic Alliance. This initiative was effective in locating 750,000 new volunteers for 2020.

The Civic Alliance Corporate Civic Playbook was introduced in 2022. The Playbook offers a comprehensive set of best practises and nonpartisan tools to encourage staff members and external audiences to engage more deeply in democracy. It is a free, first-of-its-kind resource designed to assist companies in becoming active players in strengthening the resiliency of our democracy.