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Cronimet joins decarbonization initiative


Cronimet joins decarbonization

Cronimet Holding Group, situated in Karlsruhe, Germany, has announced that it is joining the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a non-profit programme to lower carbon emissions on a global scale.

The stainless steel and alloys scrap recycling company Cronimet, based in London, claims that by joining the SBTi, it is pledging its support for the organization’s climate protection objectives and “at the same time lines up with the ‘Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees Celsius’ campaign of the United Nations Global Compact.”

According to Cronimet, in order to comply with the SBTi’s science-based net-zero criteria, the company will need to set short- and long-term goals for overall emission reductions.


The CEO of Cronimet, Jürgen Pilarsky, says that joining the SBTi is a consistent step in our CSR approach. The objectives we have set are undoubtedly lofty. We recognise our obligations as a company participating in the circular economy and wish to do our part to ensure a sustainable future. This includes the fight against climate change, which calls for our collective swiftest response.

According to Cronimet, it focuses on avoiding emissions by using renewable energies, electrifying its equipment and vehicle fleet, and reducing emissions through other efficiency measures in order to meet its targets.

According to Cronimet Head of CSR Management Konstantin Müller, “In our climate strategy we have devised tangible mechanisms for those responsible on site to plan and implement their specific reduction targets.”

The 1980-founded Cronimet Holding Group claims to employ more than 1,500 people worldwide in 68 locations, including 11 offices and scrap yards in the US.