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Danavation Technologies Confirms Contracts to Install Digital Smart Labels (TM) into 4 New Locations

Danavation Technologies

Danavation Technologies Confirms Contracts to Install Digital Smart Labels

Danavation Technologies Corp. , the only North American-founded and headquarters is located technology company providing micro e-paper displays, is pleased to announce that it has secured new contracts for four additional installations of its innovative Digital Smart LabelsTM. Danavation has announced the installation of our Digital Smart LabelsTM in ten new retail locations across Canada and the United States since the beginning of 2023.

These new installations include the continued roll-out of the second and third Palma Pasta locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), following Danavation’s success with the first Palma Pasta location in Mississauga, which was announced on May 5, 2022. Palma Pasta discovered that Danavation’s Digital Smart LabelsTM and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution helped to automate in-store operations and drive improved margins by increasing staff productivity and lowering costs associated with inaccurate shelf pricing during its initial installation. These installations are scheduled to be finished by late spring 2023.

Danavation Technologies

Danavation is also deploying Digital Smart LabelsTM for two new customers in Ontario, including CSR Building Supplies (CSR), Canada’s largest specialist drywall and finishing tool superstore. CSR has agreed to install Danavation’s solution in its main office, with a second potential installation contingent on the first’s success. Danavation will install Digital Smart LabelsTM in one location in the Greater Toronto Area for the second new customer, an Ontario specialty appliance retailer.

“Each installation represents incremental success in growing our client base and the total number of businesses leveraging our Digital Smart LabelsTM, both of which are critical contributors to the Company’s long-term goal of realising meaningful revenue expansion,” said Danavation CEO John Ricci. “Continued acquisition of new installations, whether for smaller, boutique stores or national big box retailers, is at the heart of Danavation’s business model and a testament to our ability to cultivate trustworthy relationships across North America.”