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Dow and Mura Technology Announce Commitment of its Kind to Scale Recycling of Plastics

Mura Technology

Dow and Mura Technology To Scale Advanced Recycling of Plastics

Mura Technology, a leader in the field of advanced plastic recycling, and Dow, the top materials science company in the world, announce today that they will take the next step in their collaboration to address the issue of plastic waste in the world by building several 120 kilotons (KT) advanced recycling facilities on a global scale in the U.S. and Europe, which could add up to 600 KT of annual capacity. 
Dow will be a key player in the relationship as a big consumer of the cyclic feed that Mura produces. This cyclical feed reduces reliance on fossil-based feedstocks and enables Dow to produce a recycled plastic feedstock for the production of new, virgin-grade plastics, which are highly demanded by global brands. It is made from plastic waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration. Through their combined efforts, Mura and Dow will ensure that plastic can be recycled into global supply chains, enhancing the circular economy for plastics and increasing the value of plastic waste.

Mura Technology

Mura’s planned capital expenditures and Dow’s off-take agreements signify both firms’ biggest recent commitments to expanding and upgrading the world’s advanced recycling capabilities. 
According to Marc van den Biggelaar, Advanced Recycling Director for Dow, “the strengthening of Dow and Mura’s cooperation is another example of how Dow is seeking to generate momentum around breakthrough advanced recycling technology. By making significant supply chain improvements and investing in new applications, Dow is attempting to meet the rising demand from its clients for recovered materials and close the loop on plastic waste. Dow is dedicated to hastening the development of a circular economy for plastics, and the expansion of our cooperation with Mura represents a key step in that direction. As a long-term partner, we are enthusiastic about this method’s potential to recycle plastics and address the problem of plastic waste.


This represents a significant turning point in the rapid expansion of Mura’s ground-breaking HydroPRSTM (Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution) advanced recycling method, which can recycle all types of plastic, including flexible and multi-layered plastics that were once thought to be “unrecyclable.” It has the potential to stop millions of tonnes of plastic and carbon dioxide from entering the environment each year once it is implemented at scale and to produce the building blocks for a sustainable, circular plastics economy, a mission to which Dow is jointly committed and providing materials science expertise.

It is anticipated that the world’s first HydroPRSTM plant, which is situated in Teesside, United Kingdom, will begin operations in 2023. A 20 KT per year production line is planned to provide Dow with a 100% recycled feedstock. This supply is anticipated to increase significantly as a result of the expanded relationship, which will also have a substantial impact on Dow and Mura’s intended global rollout of up to 600 KT of advanced recycling capacity by 2030. 
Through many initiatives in the United States and Europe, Mura’s technology will be scaled up thanks to Dow’s vast global reach. These plans include prospective co-location possibilities, which will significantly improve Mura’s factories’ ability to integrate.