EarthX Praises Protecting our Topsoil


EarthX on Protecting our Topsoil

EarthX – Healthy plant development, human nourishment, and water filtering all depend on healthy soils. Save and safeguard our children’s future as well as the earth! The topsoil has completely disappeared in 35% of the US Corn Belt region! Let’s change things right now! 
An multinational nonprofit environmental organization called EarthX is committed to enlightening and motivating individuals and groups to take steps towards a more sustainable future on a global scale. In order to inspire, educate, and make an influence for a more sustainable future, Earthx TV was introduced in 2020. Download the Earthx TV app to access our 24/7 channel and on-demand selection of original programming, critically acclaimed movies, and world events. In April 2022, Dallas will host our yearly live EXPO once more. Our goal is to enliven and inspire the global community so that we may build a world that is better, cleaner, and healthier for present and future generations. Our goal is to constructively influence the world for a sustainable and sustainable future by serving as the premier global connector and environmental platform.