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An Arrow-backed startup has won the Edison Gold Award for Innovation

Edison Gold Award for Innovation

One Arrow-backed startup got Edison Gold Award for Innovation

Edison Gold Award for Innovation – Arrow Electronics and Prometeo, a business focused on keeping firefighters safe in the field, have been awarded an Edison Gold Award in the area of Lifesaving and Life-Changing Technology for 2022. 
The Barcelona-based company has created an eponymous wireless wearable device that analyses firefighters’ exposure to pollutants. Arrow is assisting the startup with design engineering, component procurement, and production as well as safe end-of-life disposal choices. 
Prometeo, which is about the size of a smartphone, monitors a firefighter’s exposure to heat, smoke, and toxins and sends the information to the cloud for study. That data is simplified into a simple color-coded health status that commanders may use to track both the immediate hazard to firefighters and the risk of chronic long-term exposure through machine learning. IBM offers cloud services as well as Watson analytics.

Edison Gold Award for Innovation

The Edison Awards are a global programme that honors, recognizes, and promotes innovators and ideas that have a beneficial impact on the world. Arrow has been honored by the Edison Awards for the fourth year in a row. 
The business won a Silver Edison Award last year for Belle’s Dragon, a social robot made for a Make-A-Wish recipient who desired a pet dragon. 
Prometeo is field-testing the gadget in wildfire-prone regions and expects to deploy the technology in 2023, after winning the 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge. 
Prometeo’s device is reusable and can be made for less than $11 per unit, providing a cost-effective safety solution to 20 million firefighters worldwide at a time when wildfires are getting more common and intense. 
The winners of the 2022 Edison Awards were revealed on April 21 in Fort Myers, Fla., where Thomas Edison’s winter laboratory is located. 
Edison Universe, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, runs the Edison Awards programme. Visit for more details.