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Edison International 2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report: Creating Greater Accountability in DEI

Edison International

Edison International employs a wide range of people, from lineworkers to meteorologists to biologists. We are developing DEI Action Plans each OU to adapt the employee experience across these functional areas in order to better serve this heterogeneous demographic. To establish areas of potential, OUs used data from Pulse Surveys, Space4Dialogue sessions, and other internal surveys done by Culture Teams to guide the emphasis areas of each plan. The DEI Action Plans focused on the areas of greatest opportunity: 1) Employee Development, 2) Recognition, 3) Culture/Psychological Safety, and 4) Recruitment/Representation are the four components of employee development. 

Leaders from all 16 OUs collaborated with their human resources (HR) Business Partners and Culture Teams to create DEI Action Plans concentrating on two to four of the indicators. 

Edison International

The strategies were put into action in Q4. Each plan includes quarterly measures that will be measured by the end of 2023. We have had achievements even at this early stage, such as: 

In 2022, SCE’s Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division began the Navigator program for new lineworkers. This program pairs newly hired lineworkers with a mentor to help with onboarding, answering questions, and providing overall advice and mentorship, as well as fostering camaraderie among employees. 

As part of its DEI Plan, SCE’s Customer Service (CS) division prioritized recognition. CS noticed a significant rise in the usage of recognition tools like as customized e-cards, mobile apps, shout-outs in all-staff meetings, and use of our corporate Yammer page for recognition when we implemented our companywide “Thankful Thursday” recognition program. This has already resulted in 56 CS Senior Vice President Yammer posts with an average of 3,331 views per. 

SCE BRGs and Edison Energy* ERGs have played a significant role in putting DEI at the center of our culture. Resource Groups, which are led by employees and supported by executive sponsors, establish a space where people from all origins, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, abilities, and experiences may connect to foster innovation and advancement in our workforce, workplace, and communities. Every BRG develops a business plan each year to connect its programs and objectives with the company’s business goals. BRGs contribute to a more inclusive and connected workplace by discussing critical themes such as safety and environmental stewardship and by creating chances for growth and community involvement. Edison Energy also sponsors two active ERGs, with more on the way. 

ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limits and Expectations)  

Founded in 2017 — Promotes disability awareness and education while working to increase disability inclusion. 


Established in 2016 — Celebrates and fosters growth and leadership among Asian Pacific Islander cultures through a variety of educational seminars, community and cultural events, corporate initiatives, and outreach. 

Native American Coalition 

Native American Alliance   

Founded in 2007, Promotes Native American culture while furthering business objectives, and acts as a liaison between the Native community and SCE through educational opportunities, cultural events, and community outreach. 


Established in 1985 — Promotes diversity, improves career development initiatives, and offers focused coaching, mentoring, and assistance to the company’s Black personnel. 


Established in 2016 — Employees are empowered to drive the firm into the future by learning about the technologies that are influencing the organization’s culture, business, and industry.