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Edison Volunteers Help Families move to Clean Energy

Edison Volunteers

Edison Volunteers Help Families toward Clean Energy

Edison Volunteers – In addition to installing solar panels on homes of families who might not otherwise be able to afford them, nonprofit GRID Alternatives Inland Empire also offers practical job training for those who want to work in the solar sector. But because to health-related concerns, those activities were severely restricted throughout the pandemic.

A recent sunny Saturday saw the first solar installations to resume after the pandemic ban was removed, thanks to a group of Edison International and Southern California Edison volunteers. In Ontario, two families with qualifying incomes have received rooftop solar systems that, over the course of their solar arrays’ lifespan, could save them more than $30,000 in energy expenditures.

Both households will contribute to lowering California’s greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of the environment, their systems collectively have the effect of removing 170 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, which is the same as planting close to 4,000 trees.

Edison Volunteers

Since 2010, Edison International has collaborated with GRID Alternatives and provided 10 grants totalling $460,000 to help marginalised areas have access to renewable energy technology and job training. A recent $75,000 award will help clean energy initiatives in the Inland Empire and give local employees practical experience with solar installation.

The solar installation was held at SCE’s EcoIQ Business Resource Group, which encourages environmental sustainability at work and at home.

In order to help our communities become more sustainable, Edison, EcoIQ, and GRID Alternatives are all committed to doing so, according to Stephen Collins, president of EcoIQ and senior advisor for SCE risk management. The communities we serve, including Ontario, will benefit from our partnership with GRID Alternatives in the delivery of clean energy and renewable resources.

Pathway 2045, SCE’s plan for achieving California’s 2045 objectives to clean up the state’s electric grid and achieve carbon neutrality, includes details on efforts to install inexpensive renewable energy sources, especially for California’s most vulnerable populations.