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ekō Solutions Homes Bring Peace of Mind to Displaced Families at Camp G.R.A.V.E.S.

ekō Solutions Homes

14 July 2023 – ekō Solutions Homes – The greatest tornado outbreak in Kentucky history ravaged the Bluegrass State in December 2021, demolishing entire communities and displacing hundreds of people. The horrifying photographs from Western Kentucky drew global media attention and an outpouring of sympathy from around the world. 

Sustainable Solutions, a company of Land Betterment based in Fishers, Indiana, that specializes in low-cost repurposed shipping container homes, promptly deployed four units to Dawson Springs to accommodate residents evacuated by the storms. Now, nearly two years later, as the news cycle goes on and the tornadoes recede from public memory, ekō Solutions continues to assist affected individuals and families in Western Kentucky with the difficult process of rebuilding their towns and lives. 

ekō Solutions Homes

Last month, ekō alternatives delivered six units to Camp G.R.A.V.E.S., a nonprofit organization in Water Valley that provides displaced families with short-term housing alternatives as well as a variety of educational and employment resources. The present goal is to accommodate roughly 30 families on the site, 14 in tiny homes, 16 on camper sites, and six in ekō Solutions container homes. 

“After my apartment in Mayfield was destroyed, I didn’t know what to do,” said Jared Medlock, a Camp G.R.A.V.E.S. resident who recently moved into a new unit given by ekō Solutions. “I feel like I have some kind of footing now.” 

That sense of security comes at a vital moment for Medlock, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. 

“It’s been nonstop stress, with my health issues and looking for housing, it’s been a 24/7 job on its own,” Medlock said. “But the container home is awesome; it’s a really cool way to do it.” You immediately feel at peace when you go in. I’d like to get one for myself someday.” 

Five more people and their families will live in ekō Solutions homes on the property. They began moving into the units in June. 

Visit www.campgraves.org for additional information on Camp G.R.A.V.E.S. and volunteer opportunities.