Entergy Nuclear Volunteers Ensure No Child Goes Hungry at the Holidays

Entergy Nuclear Volunteers

Entergy Nuclear Volunteers Ensure No Child stay Hungry

Entergy Nuclear Volunteers – This holiday season, the North Jackson Elementary School adopted school and the Entergy Nuclear corporate office have teamed up to tackle childhood hunger. Hundreds of food cans and other non-perishable foods were given by Entergy employees, and these will be distributed to parents and their kids to ensure proper nutrition throughout the holiday break.

The Mississippi Food Network reports that one in five children in the state are currently food insecure.

Kimberly Cook-Nelson, chief nuclear officer at Entergy Nuclear, said: “The holidays should be a time to unwind and enjoy being with family and friends.” “I’m hoping that this effort may lessen some of the season’s anxiety. I am pleased of the members of the nuclear team who organized the drive and provided food and cash donations.

North Jackson Elementary School’s Jocelyn Smith is grateful for the collaboration.

Entergy Nuclear Volunteers

With many of our students coming home for the holidays for two weeks without the school-provided lunch and breakfast, this will be very helpful, said Smith. “It will have a huge impact on our kids who struggle with food insecurity at home. Insuring that our students have all they require throughout the holidays has been a top priority for Entergy. We are very grateful for that.

Due to its requirements, the possible effects Entergy Nuclear could have on the school, and its proximity to Entergy’s headquarters, the largest elementary school in the north Jackson area, North Jackson Elementary School, was suggested as a partner.

According to Cook-Nelson, “Our connection with the school fits well with our mission to provide lasting impact in the regions we serve. Our customers, employees, owners, and communities are our stakeholders at Entergy. We owe it to others to contribute to improving their life.

Karen Radosevich, senior manager of nuclear fuels supply, helped pack meals for the drive.

Radosevich added, “I would want to thank all of the team members. “The nuclear squad of committed professionals always turns up whenever there is any kind of drive or fundraising.