Mobile Energy Leader Booster To Exhibit at Zero-Emission Transportation Event

Booster to Exhibit at Zero-Emission Transportation Event On December 7, 2022, at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California, a showcase for zero-emission technology will feature leading names in transportation, including Booster®, a premier mobile energy delivery company. The Zero-Emission Ride & Drive event, which is being hosted by the Harbor Trucking Association, […]

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Commercial Operation culminates at National Grid Renewables’ Noble Solar and Storage Project

Commercial Operation Commences at National Grid National Grid Renewables announced today that its Noble Solar and Storage Project (Noble) in Denton County, Texas, has begun operating commercially. In the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market, Noble is a 275 megawatt (MW) solar and 125 megawatt-hour (MWh) energy storage project that started building last year. […]

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Southwire Sustainability Report 2021: Water and Wastewater

Southwire Sustainability Report 2021 Southwire Sustainability Report – Through water quality and quantity rules, as well as regulatory compliance, Southwire manages water resources responsibly. In industrial and mill locations with high water use processes, such as contact and non-contact cooling, we focus operational water use. Southwire can prevent negative effects on the environment, its finances, […]

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International Paper and GFN To Reduce Food Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

International Paper Partners With GFN In order to meet pressing needs in the communities where our workers live and work, International Paper mobilizes its people, products, and resources. Red de Alimentos provided three partners in Graneros, Chile with food and operational support, including financing for additional employees, technology, and logistics, with the aim of enhancing […]

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Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks Close Deal Creating Agricultural Biologicals Powerhouse

Ginkgo Bioworks, Bayer Close Deal with Agriculture Biological Powerhouse In order to speed the study and development of biological products for agriculture, Bayer declared that the previously announced transaction with Ginkgo Bioworks had been completed. The deal involves the sale of Bayer’s internal discovery and lead optimization platform as well as its West Sacramento Biologics […]

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Delterra Urges World Leaders to Focus on Reducing Methane Emissions from Waste

Delterra request Leaders to Reduce Methane Emissions McKinsey & Company-founded global environmental NGO Delterra is urging world leaders gathered in Egypt for COP27 to take decisive action to reduce methane emissions from garbage in order to stay below the 1.5°C objective. The Big Methane-Cutting Opportunity, a new paper from Delterra, demonstrates how doable steps may […]

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Cummins Employees Improve Environment 1 Mussel and Bee at a Time

Cummins Employees Improve Environment Employees at Cummins Inc. are employing mussels and bees to assist the company fulfil its sustainability strategy and improve the environment. Workers from the power technology pioneer convened in Columbus, Indiana, this fall to assist in the introduction of kidneyshell mussels into the Mississippi River basin. The Nature Conservancy professionals were […]

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Bayer Shows How To Tackle Food Security and Climate Change Challenges

Bayer on How To Tackle Climate Change Challenges Bayer is working harder than ever to offer farming solutions that promote sustainability and increase productivity at the same time. The company is pushing breakthroughs in sustainable farming with partners and addressing two of the most pressing issues of our time: food security and climate change, with […]

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Bread Financial ESG Report 2021: Fair and Responsible Banking

Bread Financial 2021 ESG Report Bread Financial – Fair and responsible lending is a fundamental part of our card members’ journey as we are a leading provider of branded credit programmes. We take considerable care and effort to make sure that the application and underwriting procedures for consumer credit are carried out fairly. In order […]

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Peloton Releases 2nd Annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report

Peloton Releases 2nd ESG Report The release of Peloton Interactive Inc.’s second annual ESG report, which summarises current developments in its fiscal year 2022, was announced. Key updates on social and environmental activities are shared in the report, which also presents a new impact framework outlining Peloton’s philosophy and dedication to promoting the welfare of […]

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