Essity 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report: Winning With People and Culture


Essity 2022 Annual & Sustainability Report

Essity provides appealing, inclusive, and sustainable environments with dedicated workers that help break down obstacles to well-being in a distinctive corporate culture.



We are persuaded that effective leadership is critical to building a strong culture and attaining world-class achievements. Our leadership platform identifies the skills needed by Essity leaders and provides assistance in recruiting and development initiatives. As part of our worldwide Leadership Academy, we are always working to create and implement Essity’s global leadership curriculum and other upskilling programs.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Group’s aims explicitly state Essity’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). Our commitment is that gender distribution at all management levels will be between 40 and 60% by 2025. In 2022, we created a worldwide path for achieving our DEI objectives. Essity’s DEI initiatives are strongly supported by the company’s Beliefs and Behaviors, as well as its goal. Furthermore, they contribute to our ability to innovate as well as attract and retain people. Our emphasis on DEI is also vital for our customers and consumers, since it contributes to a more sustainable society.

Essity’s Beliefs and Behavior

The goal of breaking down obstacles to well-being is the core of Essity’s company culture, and it is represented in our Beliefs and Values.

Recruiting and keeping talent

Essity seeks to attract and engage today’s talent for the Essity of future. We concentrate on presenting our employment offering to particular target groups, building relationships, and recruiting people both online and offline.

We use a Total Reward strategy to reward staff, which includes a combination of monetary and non-monetary components. We provide market-competitive pay that includes a salary, variable income, a pension, and other benefits. Essity adheres to local salary structures and adheres to internationally accepted regulations for minimum salaries and equitable remuneration. Most Essity employees are covered by the variable remuneration plans. Our workplace concept is to provide a work environment with attractive offices and flexibility.