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Events with zero waste can now receive independent certification from SCS

Events with zero waste

Events with zero waste receives certification from SCS

Events with zero waste – The latest Zero Waste Standard, “Zero Waste for Events,” has been released by SCS Global Services (SCS), a leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards creation. 
The Events with zero waste Certification acknowledges the amounts of municipal solid waste that are kept out of landfills at specific events. By employing any of the following strategies—reuse, reclamation, recycling, composting, sale/donation, and waste-to-energy—certification offers third-party verification that waste components are kept out of landfills. 
According to Inna Kitaychik, Operations Manager for the SCS Events with Zero Waste Program, “With the development of the Events with zero waste Standard, we are filling a niche that needed to be addressed – recognizing the special efforts event planners and organizers take to reduce the environmental impact of their events.” The objective of this initiative is to enable organizations to demonstrate their commitments and achievements in diverting garbage from conferences, concerts, fairs, and festivals, in accordance with our Zero Waste Standards for facilities and projects.

In accordance with the SCS Events with zero waste Standard:

• Certification can be used to identify events that divert at least 75% of their waste. 
• Events that successfully divert 99 percent of their garbage are recognized as “Zero Waste Events.” 
• The specific diversion for events achieving less than 99 percent will be noted on the certificate.

The same methodology as our overarching Zero Waste Standard is used here, according to Stanley Mathuram, executive vice president of SCS. The many certification levels that businesses can achieve provide them the chance to acknowledge their waste diversion progress while eventually aiming for the 99 percent target. 
The standard promotes enhanced visibility into the downstream flow of trash leaving the event in addition to rewarding efforts to divert waste produced at an event. Event managers could theoretically claim greater diversion rates by pinpointing the material movement. 
The Zero Waste Events Certification from SCS is both environmentally strict and useful for business. Businesses gain from it by receiving a credible, affordable, and well-supported third-party certification. Companies can demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling ESG standards by communicating the progress of their waste diversion and minimization accomplishments.