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Expedia Group Launched New Global Social Impact and Sustainability Strategy

Expedia Group

Expedia Group Launches Global Social Impact, Sustainability Strategy

Expedia Group has unveiled its new worldwide social impact and sustainability strategy in an effort to promote an open, inclusive, and ethical travel industry. The Open WorldTM social impact and sustainability strategy is focused on three priorities: increasing access for underserved travellers, democratizing the travel economy, and innovating sustainable solutions for the future of travel. It combines the company’s mission, purpose, and values with its traveler-centric mindset. 
The business introduced its Open World technology platform earlier this year, which was made for partners of all sizes to use and configure the goods and services required to operate in the travel ecosystem. The latest generation of Open World expands on the visitor experience, community engagement, and the idea that travel can be a force for good. 
Inequities in travel will be addressed, significant change will be accelerated for the diverse group of travellers and communities that fuel the global economy, and a healthy planet will be preserved through the Open WorldTM social impact and sustainability strategy.

The strategic framework for social impact and sustainability at Expedia Group consists of:

Expedia Group is dedicated to mobilizing its sizable network of travellers, partners, and peers to innovate more sustainable business models and empower travellers to make more ethical decisions. The company is aware of the negative environmental impacts that the modern travel industry frequently has on the planet. The Open World social impact and sustainability strategy is focused on promoting a healthy world and a travel sector that responds to climate change. 
The Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism was signed by Expedia Group, which just joined the Travalyst Coalition. Expedia Group has agreed, in accordance with the Glasgow Declaration, to provide strategies that will support the worldwide targets of decreasing emissions in half over the following ten years and enabling the travel sector to achieve Net Zero emissions as soon as is practicable. 
The foundation and continued commitment to philanthropy of Expedia Group are built upon by these three principles. Since global, equitable access to the vaccine is consistent with traveller values and necessary to reopen the world to travel, Expedia Group has led programmes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Give the World a Shot initiative. This joint project with UNICEF aims to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in communities around the world. Expedia Group made a donation of about $10.5 million, which was used to immunize three million individuals and bring the travel sector closer to recovery.