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FedEx ships aid to Ukraine from Europe

FedEx ships aid

FedEx ships aid to Ukraine

FedEx ships aid – FedEx Corporation has pledged to provide more than $1.5 million USD in relief aid to those affected by the situation in Ukraine, and our shipping-in-kind initiatives throughout Europe are a part of that. For the NGOs we’re assisting, we’ve already finished six shipments of relief supplies to nations closest to the borders of Ukraine in Europe. To ensure that the goods are distributed to people who will need them most, we are working closely with these non-governmental organizations and charities. 
These shipments contain useful things that can help meet essential, fundamental requirements including food, shelter, healthcare, and financial support. The Polish Red Cross is using a shipment of laptops and smartphones to start a financial system for refugees. Additionally, we have provided Direct Relief with medication and oxygen concentrators. To move food for the World Central Kitchen from the kitchens to distribution places nearby, we’ve organized multiple shipments of tents and special hot meal boxes. 
Through our FedEx Cares Delivering for Good programme, which is devoted to assisting communities in times of need or crisis, we are able to offer this vital logistical support.