Fifth Third Bancorp Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

Fifth Third Bancorp

Fifth Third Bancorp Celebrates Earth Day

Fifth Third Bancorp is happy to recognize Earth Day on its 53rd year as a day to raise awareness about maintaining and protecting the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. The bank wants to be an environmental sustainability leader. Its climate plan consists of three components: assisting customers and communities in making a sustainable transition, managing climate-related risks to our company, and lowering our environmental impact.

Fifth Third has also set a target of $100 billion in environmental and social financing by 2030. Renewable energy, green building, energy efficiency, clean transportation, the circular economy, and pollution prevention and control are all environmental categories.

Since being carbon neutral in 2020, the Bank established five original operational sustainability targets in 2017. The Bank expanded and reset those in 2022.

Fifth Third Bancorp

Reduce location-based GHG emissions by 75% (for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions).

Reduce energy consumption by 40%.

Reduce paper consumption by 75% and buy the remaining paper from verified suppliers.

Continue to buy 100% green energy.

Reduce landfill trash by 75%.

Fifth Third uses Dividend Finance to fund renewable energy for residential houses and projects. Fifth Third aids households by fostering innovative energy efficiency, decarbonization, and peak energy reduction through the deployment, integration, and financing of a wide range of distributed energy technology. Smart thermostats, electric heat pumps and boilers, fuel cells, smart electric panels, solar PV, energy storage, electric car chargers, energy-efficient windows, roofing, insulation, and other technologies are included.