Africa Food

GBFoods and partners restore sight and hope through life-changing CSR Initiative


GBfoods, a renowned worldwide food production firm, has proved its dedication to making a positive difference in the communities it serves yet again. GBfoods embarked on a unique effort to deliver free cataract surgeries for over 400 individuals in Enugu State, Nigeria, in collaboration with Fundacion Elena Barraquer, a non-profit organization that provides free eye surgery around the world, and Niger Foundation Hospital and Diagnostic Centre. The five-day initiative aims to minimize cases of cataracts, a primary cause of preventable blindness, and to give those with compromised eyesight fresh hope. 

The combined endeavor began with a thorough examination of patients in order to identify those with cataracts. When the patients were identified, they had revolutionary surgery to restore their sight and independence. The initiative extended beyond the operation itself, including spectacles and post-operative medication to guarantee a full recovery. 


Couples, young people, and elderly patients benefited from this unique medical intervention, many of whom had previously relied on their wards and relatives for everyday tasks. With their sight restored, these individuals have regained their independence, allowing them to fully participate in their families and communities. 

As GBfoods prioritizes the well-being of communities across the world, it serves as an example of corporate responsibility and the influence that careful giving can have on people’s lives. GBfoods contributes greatly to the sustainable development of the regions in which it operates by recovering sight and fostering good health, leaving a beneficial legacy for future generations.