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Gildan and World Vision Bangladesh partners

World Vision

Gildan and World Vision Bangladesh join hands

Gildan is happy to announce that the Company has committed an investment of $52,000 over an 18-month period to World Vision Bangladesh in order to support the community’s efforts to economically empower women. The money will go toward offering training to women who want to improve their capacity for handling their personal finances. 
The program’s goal is to assist women to become more financially literate so that they would feel more confident dealing with financial institutions, using financial services, and managing their savings—all of which will ultimately help Bangladesh close its gender gap. 
With investments totaling about US $600,000, Gildan has already had a fruitful ten-year engagement with World Vision Honduras and is now trying to expand this.

World Vision Bangladesh

According to Claudia Sandoval, vice president of corporate citizenship at Gildan, “Our partnership with World Vision Honduras has been immensely successful in supporting childhood education and developing teacher training programmes to strengthen the educational system within our communities in Honduras.” We now intend to make similar advancements in our Bangladeshi community by empowering women to take more control of their finances and increase their capacity for independence, drawing strength from this successful cooperation with World Vision. 
Gildan has always placed a high priority on respect for its communities and has recognised the value of making real investments there in order to effect long-lasting change. For this reason, in addition to providing financial education, this programme also lays the groundwork for the implementation of similar initiatives promoting female empowerment in the future.