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GoDaddy Goes Retro for .TV Rebrand


GoDaddy Goes Retro for .TV Rebrand

The.TV domain extension has recently undergone a rebranding by GoDaddy that is perfect for usage by traditional, social media, and streaming content producers.

the fresh.

TV brand combines nostalgia with the contemporary, dynamic media landscape.

The TV logo was created to resist these changes. The end product is a simple, contemporary logo with a subtle nod to the traditional television antenna. This harmony of the old and new is reflected throughout the design language, giving users an iconic visual depiction. allowing it to stand in for whatever style of video material is popular right now.

The rebranding team employed colour bars that remind of the vintage television test pattern from the 1970s. They’re used in the design as a graphic component to produce vibrant, strong images.


According to Chris Rushing, brand design director at GoDaddy, “we wanted to develop the.TV brand into how people think of it today: streaming, content production, gaming, animation, and other types of emerging media.” It helps draw in both old and new audiences by fusing a retro style with edgy, current aesthetics and adopting a brand voice that anyone can understand. One of our most thrilling projects of the year was this one.

Getting a personal branded domain can help content providers all around the world. You can use a short, recognisable domain as a redirect to social media platforms. A YouTube blogger or TikTok celebrity, for instance, may sign up. TV to reroute to each platform’s own channels. This gives influencers valuable branding opportunities.

The doesn’t just signify streaming content. The autonomous island nation of Tuvalu is located in the South Pacific and uses the TV domain extension as its top-level domain. The nine low-lying islands that make up Tuvalu, the fourth-smallest nation in the world, are gravely threatened by sea level rise brought on by climate change. When a . The Future Now Project, which is Tuvalu’s ongoing effort to lessen the effects of climate change and maintain its sovereignty as a Digital Nation, is supported by the registration of the TV domain name.

Visit turnon.tv to view the relaunched website, buy a.TV domain, and support the Future Now Project.