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International Day of Forests 2023: How Greenply Industries Limited is making Nagaland greener with Project Green Rise

Greenply Industries Limited

How Greenply Industries Limited making Nagaland greener

Tizit, Nagaland: Making plywood, but sourcing the wood without causing too much environmental damage. Does that sound surprising? Greenply Industries Limited is doing exactly that. Greenply is planting more trees than they are cutting for what they call “zero-emission plywood” in an effort to maintain ecological harmony and ensure zero net deforestation. Greenply’s Tizit unit in Nagaland was recently visited by Team CSR Journal to learn more about the company’s sustainability and CSR initiatives.

Greenply Industries Limited

Green Rise Initiative

Greenply Industries Limited, founded in the late 1980s, sources nearly 97% of their sheets from plantation timber and actively participates in plantation activities. Because timber accounts for roughly 70% of the company’s raw material, the company believes in responsible timber sourcing. They are currently actively planting saplings near their factory in Nagaland’s Tizit as part of their environmental sustainability initiative, dubbed “Project Green Rise.”

The CSR Journal’s #DeepDive On International Forest Day 2023 The CSR Journal goes #DeepDive into Greenply Industries Limited’s sustainability initiative ‘Project Green Rise’ in Tizit village, Mon District, Nagaland, North-East India. The theme of the 2023 International Day of Forests is Forests and Health, emphasizing the importance of forests in the formation of a healthy population.

Local residents will benefit financially.

Tizit is a charming village nestled among beautiful valleys in Nagaland’d Mon, which is mostly made up of mountains and forest. As part of their sustainability and eco restoration drive, dubbed ‘Project Green Rise,’ the company plants trees with the assistance of local tribal people. The plywood manufacturing company is also financially benefiting the local population, many of whom do not have any other source of income, through this initiative.

Over 15 lakh saplings have been planted.

Greenply Industries Limited is setting a CSR model for other wood-based industries with their tree plantation drive. The company is also distributing high-quality seedlings of fast-growing short-rotation tree species in order to increase productivity and plantations in order to achieve raw material self-sufficiency and long-term availability.

Mr Manoj Tulsian, JMD & CEO, Greenply Industries Limited, stated about this initiative, “Greenply Industries Limited is committed to sustainability and has been actively undertaking mindful actions to address the company’s sustainability doctrine.” We involve Nagaland’s local communities in our timber plantation efforts and train them on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality.

Plantation expansion in other states

Greenply also has plantation operations in Kriparampur, West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district, Baripada, Odisha, and Bamanbore, Gujarat’s Surendranagar district, in addition to Nagaland. This is done in collaboration with the farming community, who are their primary stakeholders. Farmers are provided with technical knowledge from the nursery to the post-harvest stage through free training sessions held at regular intervals.

Greenply’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Greenply Foundation, Greenply Industries Limited’s CSR arm, is primarily concerned with education and healthcare in Tizit, Nagaland, where their factory is located. The area lacks basic healthcare and educational facilities. Green Ply Industries Limited operates a school and a state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Van (MMV) that visits remote villages providing basic healthcare to ensure that the people of Mon district do not go without education and health services.

The Mobile Medical Van serves Tizit and its surrounding villages in the Mon district. It serves the rural population by providing basic diagnostic, medical, curative, referral, and counseling services. The initiative aims to improve access to medical services in remote areas while also raising community awareness about healthy and sanitary living.

Team CSR Journal also visited the company’s pathological laboratory in Tizit, as well as a few bus stops set up for the convenience of local residents.