Griffith Foods Mexico has been awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis

EcoVadis Award for Pentair

Griffith Foods Mexico gets a silver medal by EcoVadis

Griffith Foods Mexico – Griffith Foods Mexico has been awarded a Silver Medal by EcoVadis! They came in at the top of the 89th percentile of businesses that pursued a certificate. The EcoVadis assessment determines how well a company’s business management system incorporates sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles. It examines ethics, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement, and environmental practices in great detail. This team fully lives our Purpose of mixing care and creativity to nurture the planet, as seen by their achievement of this purpose-aligned milestone.

Our purpose at Griffith Foods describes who we are, what we do, and why we exist, emphasizing what sets us apart and makes us authentic in the marketplace. We assist our partners in meeting consumers’ changing demands and wants in ways that respect and protect the environment. We’ll discover the proper blend of global reach and local influence to serve the world and nurture all of us who call it home, thanks to our care and ingenuity.

Our People, Planet, and Performance Sustainability Platform directs how we act, do business, and treat people, ensuring that everything we do contributes to the responsible growth of our entire ecosystem.

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