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HARMAN Automotive Launches New Video Series on Its Partnership With Scuderia Ferrari To Showcase a Drive Like No Other

HARMAN Automotive

HARMAN Automotive – It has never been more crucial to push the boundaries of innovation. With technology at our hands, practically anything is feasible if the appropriate inspiration is found.  

To that end, HARMAN Automotive has formed a multi-year, multi-faceted team relationship with Scuderia Ferrari. HARMAN Automotive has produced an exciting new video series, The Ride of Your Life, to honor this cooperation and preview what’s to come. The series underscores the connections between both teams’ pursuit of innovation on and off the track. 

The Ride of Your Life illustrates HARMAN Automotive and Scuderia Ferrari’s common knowledge, tenacity, and innovation attitude, all of which are tailored to usher in a new era of driving. As we roll out our new Ready products, it is our purpose at HARMAN Automotive to provide a top-tier experience for drivers and passengers, whereas Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari’s Formula 1 team, aims to be competitive at the highest level. Each episode will focus on a new theme, ultimately tying back to the synergies with Scuderia Ferrari around how HARMAN Automotive is revolutionizing driving experiences, building on the respective histories and traditions of both businesses. 

HARMAN Automotive

The Ride of Your Life’s seven episodes feature conversations with Scuderia Ferrari team members such as F1 driver Charles Leclerc and team principal/general manager Frederic Vasseur. Each episode focuses on a different theme and the synergies between the objectives of both teams, such as seamlessly integrating technology into the driving experience, mitigating safety hazards, personalisation, and other topics.

The Ride of Your Life film series is accompanied by a companion video series that highlights how HARMAN Ready Products serve to increase automobile vehicle safety, give personalisation, and elevate the in-cabin experience in every manner. The main video shows customers in three different situations as they safely return home from a recent trip. Throughout their journey, they engage with several HARMAN Ready Products that contribute to the success of the vehicle.