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Henkel Unveils Its First World-Class Battery Engineering Center in Its Inspiration Center Duesseldorf


Henkel, a global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, has announced the opening of a groundbreaking Battery Engineering Center within its one-of-a-kind Inspiration Center Duesseldorf. The new position cements the company’s position as a key design and innovation partner for car OEMs and battery manufacturers around the world. 

The Battery Engineering Center has two high-tech facilities: a Battery Application Center that debuted in August 2023 and a Battery Test Center that will open in 2024. The cutting-edge labs are intended to stimulate collaborative research of next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery systems. The Center, which houses Henkel’s recognized ‘Fuel the Future’ team of dedicated EV battery experts, focuses on crucial innovation areas such as safety, sustainability, thermal management, integrated battery design, and battery cell technology. 


The Battery Engineering Center is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and technology for battery assembly, disassembly, material application, and advanced modeling and simulation. These features allow for a thorough analysis of a battery pack’s performance via temperature cycling and charge and discharge operations. Importantly, the generated data is automatically merged with the simulation team, allowing a seamless combination of real-world testing and digital modeling. This tremendous synergy provides our customers with unrivaled flexibility and savings while optimizing and accelerating the design and material selection process. 

“Thanks to our investment in the Battery Engineering Center, we can create a digital twin of any battery and simulate the performance of our solutions under various conditions,” Kazantzis says. “We validate these simulations and our models through real-life stress tests, ensuring both the reliability of our data and the efficacy of our solutions.”