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Hillwood and Ericsson Routes Join Forces to Advance Self-Driving Mobility

Hillwood and Ericsson

Hillwood and Ericsson Routes to Advance Self-Driving Mobility

Hillwood and Ericsson – Ericsson Routes works similarly to Waze for wireless cellular connectivity, delivering connectivity predictions so customers can be guaranteed they’ll have a continuous and dependable connection during their travel and while planning routes for self-driving cars. Ericsson Routes is an incubation unit under Ericsson dedicated to expanding its vehicle services. 
Hillwood, a premier industrial and commercial real estate developer in the United States, and Ericsson, a global leader in telecommunications and a technology partner to automakers, share a vision of linked mobility making transportation safer and more sustainable. 
The AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ) is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that gives mobility innovators complete access to the tools and collaborations they need to test, scale, and commercialize cutting-edge solutions. The MIZ has quickly established itself as one of the main global venues for pioneers pushing next-generation supply chain technology, including Wing, Bell, TuSimple, Gatik, and many others, in the less than three years since its start. 
Hillwood Executive Vice President Russell Laughlin adds, “Partnering with Ericsson Routes and their technical leadership enables our customers world-class and cutting-edge services that will enhance the mobility industry.” “This groundbreaking technology allows mobility leaders to be at the forefront of ensuring that their products have the connectivity they require to function now and in the future.”

Hillwood and Ericsson

Wireless cellular connectivity, according to Ericsson, is critical to mobility. Before sending an autonomous vehicle to deliver groceries or a drone to inspect a power line, companies must know and trust that connectivity will be seamless. This insurance is provided by Ericsson Routes, and we’re looking forward to seeing it expand at the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone,” says Daniel Alexus, Head of Ericsson ONE. 
Ericsson Routes debuted in San Francisco earlier this year, offering a single point of integration and a standardized prediction engine for autonomous vehicles across all cellular service providers. With its uplink blind spot detector, the service forecasts secure connectivity along a path from point A to point B. Ericsson Routes’ planning capabilities are enhanced by gathering and analyzing network data insights. 
Ericsson Routes has now expanded its service to the MIZ, allowing present and future major mobility enterprises to use it. In addition, Ericsson Routes will test and enhance support for drone connection later this year in collaboration with Hillwood. 

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